Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Rebecca's Latest Delights

Since we are not able to upload new photos on our Yahoo group,  Rebecca has allowed me to showcase her latest accomplishments here:

This is her lovely Bento Box quilt.

made by Rebecca Jeffery

and this is one of the newest additions to her family

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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

On Ringo's Starr - ICC #1

The name of this quilt makes perfect sense if you know how it came to be.  It all started last November with Bonnie Hunter's annual mystery ... On Ringo's Pond.  I loved the color palette but wasn't ready to begin another huge, multi-pieced project.  I still have last years' mystery in many parts living in a clear plastic tub.

Okay so the color palette is different on this quilt.  I was all pumped to start collecting coral and aqua fabrics - practically none of those in my stash.  But then,  I have so much fabric, did I really want to start collecting new ones for this project.?

I loved the idea of browns,  and so I substituted  greens and blues  for the corals and aquas.  All the parts came from my scrappy bins except the white background.

ICC is in the title because it was a new years challenge on Stashbusters yahoo group...all started by our instigator Lori1R.  I am working on my 5th ICC this year, which is all new starts.  ICC  stands for  Irish Chain Challenge.

Ringo Starr of Beatles fame (my era) and of course the friendship stars in this quilt, so the title was born - On Ringo's Starr  ICC #1 - started last November. I quilted it with curvvy orange peels on the star blocks and some dot to dot quilting on the chain blocks.

On Ringo's Starr - 48 x 74

fleece backing

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Saturday, May 5, 2018

RSC18 - Pink for May

This is what I've done during stolen moments this week.  It is not my usual RSC projects this year, but I can share because it used up most of my pinks (which I don't have alot of anyway).

This fun project would only take one full day to assemble, if you have the whole day to work on it.  It was so fast, the flying geese units are jumbo size.  I expect lots of fun when I get to quilt on it.  It is a free pattern offered here : 

This is folded in half vertically to fit on my design wall for a photo, it actually measures 72 x 81.  There was a flying geese challenge on the Stashbusters list  and this project certainly busted some stash.  I know ....  that black and white checked fabric will make you dizzy  and I wanted to get it used up.

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Friday, April 27, 2018